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Home help services for the elderly

Private home care services for the elderly are services that support the elderly who prefer to stay in the comfort of their home. Even though they can live at home they may still need assistance in certain areas of their life. Home care services for the elderly are support services that can be provided at home and are tailored to their individual needs.

Home care services for the elderly can include; cleaning, cooking, medication reminders, companionship, shopping and gardening. These tasks once may have been simple for the elderly members of your family but now might be difficult for them. At Private Care NZ, we provide home care services for the elderly so they can feel independent and affordably stay in their own home for longer. 

What is care for the elderly? 

Care for the elderly is making sure elders receive the appropriate support they require to live a safe and healthy life. Support services for elderly people are available to help them stay independent, participate in their community and continue to live in their own home, as long as it is safe. An example of this is home care services for the elderly. This is a dedicated support system for elders who want to continue living at home. At this stage of life, tasks such as cleaning, shopping, or cooking might be becoming difficult for your loved one. If you’re busy working, you may not have time to be with your elderly loved one during the day when they require some support. To ensure they are being looked after, it can be a good idea to have a support person around who can look after their needs. This can give you peace of mind knowing that if your loved one needs assistance someone can be there to help. Home care services for the elderly can cover areas such as personal care, housekeeping services and companionship. The type of care and support elders need differs depending on the person. At Private Care NZ, we can tailor these services to fit the needs of each individual. 

When do you know it’s time to get help? 

It can be difficult to figure out when it’s time to get home care services for the elderly. As people age, their needs and abilities may change. They may have difficulty cooking, driving to shops, cleaning, or socialising. Firstly, you can check in with their doctor to determine what kind of care or support the elderly members of your family may require. You can also have a chat with the elderly members to ask what things they’d like help or support with. It can be difficult for them to admit they need help, but it’s important to let them know you are there to support them. 

Some signs to look out for 


Has the loved one been diagnosed with any chronic diseases? Do they have vision or hearing problems? Do they find it difficult to walk? Can they keep track of any medications they need to take? Can they still remember appointments? 


Is your loved one able to use the toilet, climb stairs, or use the phone? Can they go shopping? Can they cook for themselves? Can they look after any household maintenance and cleaning that’s required?


Do your elderly loved ones have frequent visitors or social interactions? Can they get out of the house? Are other family members around?

If your loved one is having difficulties in any of these areas of their life, it might be time to get some home care services for the elderly. At Private Care NZ, our home care services for the elderly include medication reminders, cleaning, cooking food, gardening, transport and shopping help. 

Difference between private home care and a nursing home


Home care services for the elderly are a more private option that allows your loved one to remain in their own home. This is often less disruptive to their lifestyle and the services are tailored to their needs. 


  • Ideal for seniors looking to stay in the comfort of their own home and be familiar with their surroundings
  • Seniors are able to remain as independent as they want
  • Home care allows for a one-on-one relationship with the support person
  • The support person can stay as little or long as you need them to
  • The support person comes to the seniors, the seniors don’t have to go anywhere 
  • We provide wrap-around services that can be available 24/7


  • It might take time for some seniors to get used to someone coming to their house to help them with tasks they could have once easily done 


At some point, the time may come when a senior is no longer able to care for themselves. This is when it could be time to think about a nursing home. 


  • Nursing homes have a variety of medical professionals and staff available 24/7  
  • They have higher security and safety in place 
  • A good option for those needing more than basic care that can’t be provided at home 


  • Nursing homes have less independence and may make your loved one feel old
  • It can take a while to get used to the new surroundings
  • More expenses may be added 

The decision between a nursing home and home care services for the elderly is up to each individual and their family depending on the situation. 

Accessing support services

At Private Care NZ, accessing home care services for the elderly is simple.

  1. You can select a service or preexisting package
  2. Contact us to book or customise
  3. Start enjoying our support services

What to actually expect once you sign up? 

Depending on the home care service chosen, the support person may come only to help with particular tasks. For example, if help with weekly cleaning is required the support person may come 2 hours a week, if social support is required the support person may come 4 hours a week, if help with morning or evening routine is required the support person may come 10 hours a week. These times can be customised. If more support is required in the week, there is also 24 hour care available. 

At Private Care NZ, we believe no one should have to leave behind the home they love, their belongings and a lifetime of memories just because they need extra care. For home care services for the elderly call or email us now, our team is available 24 hours/7 days, 0800 55 55 88,  [email protected] or online.