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Palliative Care Explained

When it comes to your loved one’s final days, would they prefer to be surrounded by family in the comfort of their own home? Bringing them back to a comfortable, familiar setting – where you can share precious moments without sacrificing their comfort or professional care – is a very real option.

Palliative care is designed to uphold the overall wellbeing of those with a life-limiting condition or illness, as well as that of their family – this is not necessarily only in the few weeks and months before they pass, but can provided for months or even years in some cases. However, many people who come to Private Care NZ seeking palliative care do so during the later stages, with an emphasis on end of life care.

You don’t have to do this journey alone: find out more below about what it’s like to have the support of a team of experienced professionals during this challenging time.

What is palliative care?

The end of life journey is never easy, but with the right kind of support it can be a time marked by dignity, familiarity, and connection. Palliative care is designed to meet the diverse needs of those undertaking this journey: providing comfort, care, and professional in-home support for those in their final days, and the space for family and loved ones to focus on what matters most.

When facing a life-limiting condition or illness, a high priority for many is returning to comfort of the home they know and love. In-home palliative care makes this priority possible, with a suite of support available to fit the specific circumstances of each family or individual.

  • Symptom management: Specialist carers work to ensure that those who require end of life care are as comfortable as possible, and will use all the skills and resources available to them to expertly manage their condition.
  • Emotional and social support: Palliative care isn’t just about caring for someone’s physical symptoms however. Anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional hurdles are challenges faced by many with a life-limiting condition, but they don’t have to face these challenges alone: end of life care also includes emotional and social support.
  • Custom care plans: The end of life process is different for everyone, and every family has unique needs and preferences during this time. The palliative care experts at Private Care NZ recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all solution – that’s why we design all our end of life care plans in consultation with the individual and their family.

The palliative care process

Most of the time, the palliative care process starts with a phone call. When next of kin or family members get in touch with us to discuss palliative options, many aren’t even aware that they can bring loved ones home for their final days. In this discussion, our team will look to understand the needs of both the individual who requires care and their family and support network.

From this initial conversation, our experts will put together a personalised care plan and propose a hand-picked care professionals for the family to review. We know that every hour is precious during this time, so the Private Care NZ team move quickly to arrange bespoke care: in some cases we can get call from family in the morning, and have a palliative care plan set up and ready to go on the very same day.

At every stage of the process, we want to make sure that our care is crafted to meet the requirements and preferences of the people we’re supporting.

Types of palliative care available

No matter how much or how little support your family needs during this time, our expert care team can adjust to suit your preferences:

  • An hour or two a day: Even if you only require professional support for a few key tasks or at a couple key times, our compassionate palliative carers are here to help.
  • Respite care: Everyone deserves a break – Private Care NZ’s respite services give primary caregivers the opportunity to step back and get some rest, in the knowledge that their loved one is being well looked after.
  • Sleepover or night care: With a carer available during the night, sleepover care and night care means that a dedicated carer can be ready to respond to all kinds of situations, from toileting and getting in and out of bed to medication management and emergency assistance.
  • 24/7 care: For those who need round-the-clock care and attention, the Private Care NZ team is ready to offer attentive palliative care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your palliative care team

We know that the quality of palliative care someone receives makes huge difference not only for that individual, but for the experience of their family and loved ones as well. That’s why we hold our palliative team to the highest of standards, and do our very best to match individual carers with the needs and preferences of those we support. Our compassionate trained specialists are here to leverage their skills in anyway they can make this time easier and more comfortable.

With palliative care and support from Private Care NZ, you can bring your loved one back to the comfort of home. Don’t make this journey alone – give us a call today to find out how we can help.